I frequently appear as a technology consultant on Western Mass News television.

In this segment, I am advising news team Chris Pisano & Brittany Murphy on best practices for computer security. I have long been featured as a weekly guest for the “Tech Tips” segment on Western Mass News ABC News-40, as well as technology consultant for various stories upon request.

Below is a selection of television appearances I have made on Western Mass News and other venues to discuss technology and other  themes.

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The entire collection of the very latest videos cane be accessed here:
Stan Prager Television

SMART Toys Could Be Spying on You – Or Worse!

How Low Temperatures Can Affect Your Cell Phone!

Have a SMART Holiday: Avoid Holiday Technical Glitches

How the Loss of “Net Neutrality” Could Impact You

What’s Going on With Bitcoin?

Tools to Combat Fraud & Identity Theft

Start Clean with Your PC

Beware Credit Card Skimmer Threats!

Five Ways to Stay Safe on Your Computer

Latest Ransomware Targets Backups

Bank Phishing Email Scams Ramp Up After Equifax Data Breach

CC Cleaner Hack

Anger at AI: Yelling at Siri!

Equifax Hack: Identity Theft Risk is Back

Walkie-Talkie App Zello

Be Still My Beating Heart: Pacemakers Hacked!

Fruitfly Launches Big MAC Attack

Everything You Thought You Knew About Passwords is Wrong

Yes Your MAC Can be Attacked

Protecting Your Privacy from Microsoft

Verizon Data Breach

The Frightful Five

Next Pearl Harbor Could be Cyber

What’s All This About Updates?

Snapmaps from Snapchat

Virus Hijacks Your Anti-virus

Beware Identity Theft

What’s All This About Browsers?

WannaCry Ransomware Cripples Computers Across the Globe

Five Do’s of Computer Use

Five Dont’s for Computer Use

Grandma’s PC

Is Your Computer Part of a Criminal Enterprise?

Beware Fake Anti-Virus Programs

Internet Privacy at Risk

Bitcoin: Currency of the Future?

Can Appliances Really Spy on You? No . . . and Yes!

Verizon Moves Email Servers to AOL

Smart Toys that Can Leak Personal Info

Don’t Accept that Invitation Email – it’s Malware!

Shopping for a New Printer

Extending Your Wi-Fi Range

Evolution of Ransomware

Laptop Explodes in Agawam

Technology Seniors Must Embrace


Is Your Home Hackable?

Yahoo Hack

Infected Computer Risks Identity Theft

Anyone Can Blog

Popular Mobile App “Snow” Could Expose Users to Predators

Keeping your Debit or Credit Card Safe from ‘Skimming’

Windows Vulnerability to Hacks Detected by Google

Spam Isn’t Just a Nuisance – It’s Dangerous!

Warning: IRS Scam Calls

Danger: What’s Wrong with Your Computer Security?

PC Phone Hack Attack is Back With a New Twist!

iPhone 7 Launches with Great New Features

Hackers Exploit Physics to Break Into Your PC

Technology Saves Lives in Natural Disasters

Tornado Apps Could Save Lives

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Issues

Avoiding Identity Theft

Back to School Technology Feature Story

Body of Missing Hiker Located with Find My iPhone App

Is Public Wi-Fi Safe?

Web Cam Hijack

Is Your Kid’s Laptop Ready for Back-to-School?

Digitization as the Marriage of History & Technology

Fake Updates

Cautions About Online Privacy

The Evolution of Ransomware

Smart Ways to Move Your Technology

Protecting Yourself from Facebook Viruses

Twitter Passwords Hacked

Computer Origins Date Back to WWII Code-breaking

Microsoft Forcing Windows 10 Upgrade

Helping Seniors Adapt to Technology

Security Concerns Rise Amid Use of SMART Appliances

Ransomware Virus Threats

Technology Use Sharpens Minds of Seniors


Microsoft Windows & Microsoft Office

How to Stay Safe Online

Stan Prager Featured in “The Student Experience: American Public University”

Stan Prager Featured in “Making An Impact: American Public University”

How Hate-Filled Flyers Printed Out on College Campuses

Five Things You Need to Know to Survive Today’s High-Tech World

Time For a New Printer?

E-Mail Fraud Delivers Worse Virus Ever

Wi-Fi Blues

Does ‘Find My iPhone’ Really Work?

Is PC or MAC Right For You

Dangers of Online Chat Sites

Can Microsoft Force You to Upgrade to Windows 10?

How to Improve Your Internet Speed at Home

Protecting Your Computer From Being Hijacked

Danger Could be Lurking in a New Dating App

How to Avoid Holiday Tech-tastrophe

Keeping Your Wireless Network Secure

Privacy Dangers with Hello Barbie Doll

VTech Data Hack

Dangers in Online Gaming

Mobile App Fights Terrorism

Protecting Yourself From Viruses on Facebook

Can Screensavers Be Dangerous?

Trick or Treat: Is Your Computer Vendor Legit?

Surge Protection

Severe Virus Threats

Credit Card Skimming

Best Apps For Your Smartphone

Fraudulent Computer Vendors

Companion App

Secure Passwords

Kids & Cell Phones

Is Windows 10 Spying On You?

Increasing Your Cell Phone’s Battery Life

Is Your Kid’s Laptop Ready For Back to School?

Windows 10 Upgrade

Under the Hood of Your Computer

Digitization & Genealogy

Rogue Security Programs

Dangers of Kik App for Children

Backing Up Your Files

Phishing Scams

Smartphones & Identity Theft

CryptoWall 3.0 Scam

Dangerous Apps for Kids

Return of the Desktop PC

Phone Apps that Hijack

IRS Tax Fraud Scams

CryptoWall Virus

The Smart Revolution

Tech Support: Holiday Gadgets

Cyber Monday Security Threats

WebCam Hacking

Bash Bug Light Bulb Hijack

Apple iPhone 6 Launch & the iOS 8.0 Update

Digital Archiving: Wood Museum Archives, Mass 31st Infantry

Hackers Steal 1.2 billion passwords

Keeping Kids Safe Online



Protecting Yourself after Two Million Passwords Found Stolen

Computer Scams

Microsoft Scam Defrauds Computer Users


Internet Explorer Security Flaw

Safe Electronic Recycling


FBI Virus



Your Money Monday: Episode 2

Your Money Monday: Episode 1

Avoiding Computer Scammers

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